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Ask an SEO agency, what is the use of lead generation?

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The lifeblood that pumps life into your sales funnel is lead generation. In this blog post, our SEO agency in Swansea finds out how to get higher-quality leads. This will result in higher-quality conversions.


Each individual who is interested in the goods or services offered by your business is a lead. The process of drawing in prospective clients who could be interested in your company’s services… turning them into leads… is known as lead generation.


How then can you identify the leads that will boost sales? Using honed marketing techniques that benefit from using professional companies like our SEO agency in Swansea. You will gain a competitive edge from the software and systems we use.

What is a lead?

An interested party is referred to as a lead. Consider lead generation as directing potential customers from idly perusing your social media postings… to subscribing to you since that definition casts a broad net. An interested party has taken an effort to provide their contact details. Finding prospective consumers and nurturing them through the sales process until they are prepared to make a purchase… is the aim of lead generation.

What is lead generation?

A marketing technique for developing and capturing interest in a product or service is lead generation. The goal of the lead generation process is simple. Direct prospects into the sales funnel and through the sales stages until they are prepared to make a purchase.

Ways to create leads

To direct prospective clients to a landing page or website with a form to gather contact information. Lead generation marketing employs a variety of methods. After submitting the contact form, a lead is created and the consumer gets an offer or a response.


People will be targeted differently by each advertising channel. If you own a yoga studio, you may contact personal trainers and ask them to recommend their clients who could benefit from stretching. You might also use the internet to reach out to sports teams with information on getting players ready for the upcoming season or recovering from the last season. 

Let's look at our SEO agency in Swansea's top 2 methods for generating leads that don't involve cold calling or email marketing

Social Media

Marketers have never-before-seen opportunities to interact with customers thanks to social media. Having a social media presence makes it simpler for clients to locate you. They can use hashtags or do keyword searches.


Facebook and Instagram advertising produce leads by making it simple for people to sign up for advertising campaigns. When a prospective client clicks on the lead advertisement, Facebook/Instagram immediately loads their contact details. The data from the Facebook leads is preserved for transfer to your email or call list.


Plus the best reason is that social media platforms are free so you haven’t necessarily got to pay for advertising, with a regular posting schedule and a good profile, you could attract leads to your business.


Your sales team may use strategies to cut down on the number of prospects they need to cold call or email, so they won’t have to spend all day doing it. While you may argue that cold calling and email marketing have their uses, it’s an outbound strategy that takes a lot of effort and competent people. That is why many businesses make an effort to attract clients. Hiring specialists like the ones we have at our SEO agency in Swansea is the most economical method to achieve this – even though it may not seem like it. We are aware that bringing people to your company increases their likelihood of being interested in your products or services. Because of this, we suggest using a multi-outreach strategy that includes cold calling, email marketing, social media, and, our personal favourite, SEO.

Qualify your leads

Thus, how does a customer pass the qualifying process? Qualification of the information is the first step. If a lead shares their contact information, they are eligible for this level.


At this point, you could reject certain leads. Age is often used as an example, particularly if you offer any adult-targeted products like vitamins or alcohol. Continued interest is necessary for the next step, the certification of marketing information. This might take the shape of frequent visits to your site, sharing/liking your social media or requesting further details. Customers turn into sales leads once they are prepared to make a purchase. They could do this by starting a chat conversation or scheduling an appointment.

Why do you need to generate leads?

Whether you’re a seasoned business or a start-up an essential component of a successful company is lead generation. Your marketing strategy becomes more credible when you have a reliable lead-generation procedure and you know where your next customer is coming from.

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