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How we provide your business with lead generation in Swansea.

How we provide your business with lead generation in Swansea

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If you’re local to the area and are in any type of business, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about lead generation in Swansea. Leads are part of consumers’ broader lifecycle when they shift from visitor to customer. But not all leads are made equal— there are numerous types of leads dependent on how they are qualified. 

The different types of leads

Service qualified leads

People interested in your company’s services are called service-qualified leads. Your sales team has said they are ready to work with your company. This means that the lead has been checked out and found to be a good fit for your company and its products. A few things show that a lead is ready for service. For example, suppose a customer tells a customer service representative that they want to upgrade their product subscription. At this point, the customer service representative would send this customer to the right sales team. 

Product qualified leads

While people who have already used a company’s product, usually through a free trial or demo, are called product-qualified leads. However, simply because a user has signed up for a free trial or a freemium model does not imply that they are product-qualified leads. Before they can be classified as a PQL, the user must browse through several product features and execute specified activities.

Marketing qualified leads

The person who has expressed an interest in what a company has to offer due to marketing activities or who is otherwise more likely to become a customer than other leads is called a marketing-qualified lead. An MQL is frequently a lead who has purposefully interacted with your business by willingly providing contact information, opting into a program, adding e-commerce products to a shopping cart, downloading materials, or visiting a website several times.

Sales qualified leads

Lastly, individuals with a high possibility of becoming a customer are referred to as sales-qualified leads. They’ve exhibited an interest in your goods or service, and you know there’s a probability they’ll acquire it because they possess the financial means to do so immediately.

Why it works

Lead generation in Swansea is a cost-effective method of drawing prospects to your company to convert them into customers. The list above is just a few examples of the different leads.

How we run our lead generation campaigns is pretty simple for both sides of the deal. As soon as we know who your ideal customers are, we build lead-generation sites that display your services. We then rank them well on Google and basically, people start calling. This works because these people have already shown an interest in your product or service. We know this because they have put a search into Google so buyer intent is already present. For the buyer, lead generation marketing gives them the information they need to decide and gives them a way to connect with the business right when they’re ready to buy.


Lead fox provides you with marketing services so prospective customers come to you. Our lead generation channels are diverse and vast. Why worry about assembling sales and marketing teams when you can rely on Lead Fox to provide you with all the qualified leads you could ever require?

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