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Why your business needs to have a mobile friendly website design.

Mobile friendly website design on a phone that has the Wikipedia page loaded and it looks fine

After you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly why it’s crucial for your business to have a mobile friendly website design

What precisely does mobile friendly website design mean?

The term “mobile friendly website design” refers to a website that works well on a wide range of mobile devices. The iPhone, Android, and Blackberry are just a few examples of smartphones and tablets in this category. Websites using these designs, also known as responsive web design, will “react” to the size and resolution of the viewer’s screen, whether the viewer is using a smartphone or a 46-inch LCD monitor. Because of this, navigating the site is a breeze.

Who cares if your visitors are mobile?

It’s understandable if you’re now thinking, “Most of my clients aren’t looking at my site from mobile phones.” More than half of all website traffic is now generated by mobile apps and devices, according to recent research. It varies by sector and industry, but anywhere from 25% to 60% of our company’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Can you just disregard 25% even in its most reduced form? Our SEO services in Swansea include making sure all of our client’s sites are optimised for mobile use, which is a growing component in search engine rankings. 


When you take in the fact that search engine results will suffer if your site isn’t optimised for mobile devices, it’s evident that you need to stop considering this “optional” web design update as such and start taking it seriously. 

What mobile friendly website design can do for you:

  • This ease of switching between devices 
  • Higher mobile conversions 
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Positive ranking indication 
  • Better download times 
  • Superior to app development in terms of flexibility and cost 

Google and mobile web design


Google now considers a site’s mobile friendliness when determining its search engine ranking position. They issued a public statement on February 26, 2015, describing its goals for mobile-friendly search results. It validated what many have thought for some time: Websites that are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices will experience substantial benefits in search engine rankings. This is why our web design Swansea team builds every site to fulfil this standard. 


We have been using mobile-friendliness more heavily as a ranking indication. This adjustment will have a major effect on our mobile search results across all languages. Google’s ranking algorithm examines various parameters, many of which leave us questioning, “Why?”. Whatever the situation may be, this is not one of them. Since June 2016, when Google introduced a new mobile testing tool, keeping an eye on your site’s mobile performance score has become more important.


Google’s ranking algorithm will now consider both the beauty and the practicality of your mobile website. Likely, you’ve previously seen a website that isn’t optimised for mobile devices. 


The smartphone experience requires squinting and pinching to see any content. Links are too little, and fingers are too large, for precise tapping. Many people who possess smartphones will not bother with a site that isn’t optimised for mobile use. 


Furthermore, they have no reason to do so. If they don’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll likely return to the search results and visit a competitor’s site that does. Shopping on the go using a mobile device is the way of the future. 


The importance of making websites mobile-friendly has increased as the number of people making purchases online has grown. These days, more and more consumers are opting to purchase online using their mobile phones and tablets. Make it simple for customers to buy from you if you want to see an improvement in sales.


Typically, people like using their mobile devices to make purchases. There are already insufficient solutions to the problems plaguing online stores’ PC conversion rates.

So, why are you stalling?

Neglecting mobile consumers will result in a drop in search volume. Your website has to be accessible from mobile devices at a bare minimum and this is without all the other ever-changing features in the online space. Please consider hiring us as your go-to web design company in Swansea.

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