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5 Local lead generation strategies.

Small local shop which would still benefit from a local lead generation campaign

Local lead generation can help any business that wants to increase its customer base in its region. While other internet marketing tactics reach the world, they reach your precise market.

Here are 5 easy, economical and high-impact local lead-generation strategies

1. Target Facebook adverts

Facebook’s 2.41 billion users and targeting options make it ideal for small businesses.


Say you opened a Swindon dance studio. Consider Valentine’s Day. Facebook ads can target Swindon guys in relationships. “Valentine’s Day is approaching. Give her the nicest gift!” Simple.


Facebook lead advertisements help here to start recruiting today to fill those classes.


Facebook lead generation options include:


Run an ad with the “Conversion” objective and drive clickers to a landing page on your website.

Facebook ad lead

  • Step 1: A lead scrolls Facebook News Feed. They click your ad for Valentine’s Day dance lessons.
  • Step 2: A form opens in the News Feed ad. The lead provides contact info (whatever fields you select).
  • Step 3: Lead submits info. That data is transmitted to your CRM.


Facebook lead advertising are effective. WordStream revealed that Facebook lead advertisements convert 19.77% better than landing page ads.

*Top tip

Facebook lead advertising is more effective without manual exporting. Connect Facebook to your CRM to deliver new leads there automatically.

2. Build local lead magnets

Creating a lead magnet is one of the best strategies to generate leads. London-based businesses don’t require Manchester leads (and only sell to your area).


Creating a generic lead magnet is a waste of time.


Create a local lead magnet instead.

Local lead magnet examples

  • The Kent Estate Planning Guide
  • The Complete Guide to Buying/Selling/Flipping in Liverpool
  • The Cardiff Used Car Buyer’s Guide
  • Cornwall’s Ultimate Road Trip/Holiday/Bachelor Party/Romantic Getaway

Lead magnets can be webinars, email-gated movies, or .pdf ebooks.

*Top tip

Email-gating video generates leads. To do so, ask your developer to delay (or refuse to play) the video until lead information is submitted.

3. Run a local contest/giveaway

Run a local contest to attract leads. Contests are like lead magnets since they encourage customers to share contact information.


Give away a product or service-related prize while hosting a local contest or giveaway.


Marketing a gym? You’ll get hundreds of leads if you give away a trip to Barbados or £1,000. Everyone wants Barbados or £1,000.


One customer is worth 100 unconverted leads. Leads are a vanity metric, like social media followers or blog subscribers. By giving away a business-related reward, you’ll get fewer leads, but they’ll be more valuable.

Simple local contest page (and incorporate in your next local contest)

  • Timer. Countdown timers give promotions urgency. They boost conversion by 332%. Real prizes work well in contests. Your contest ends this week, and those who don’t enter can’t win.
  • Title. The headline shows what you can win. Prioritise value.
  • Prize amount. If your prize’s value isn’t obvious, a financial number helps contestants grasp what they can win. When giving away a product or service, this often happens.
  • Input fields. This contest only requires a name and email. Ask for only the information you need to contact leads. More form fields reduce lead page conversion rates.
  • The CTA. Make it high-contrast and eye-catching so contestants know where to click.
  • Insufficient linkages. Make the contest page effective. It’s optimised for one conversion objective. So, don’t put any links off the website to distract visitors from that purpose.

A few local lead generation contest reward ideas

  • Date package (especially valuable if you team up with another local business)
  • Clean/Detail-your-car package
  • Home staging
  • A family photoshoot
  • Holiday makeover
  • Classes, gear
  • Giveaway (themed)
  • Spa pre-wedding
*Top tip

By adding share buttons, you may enhance the reach of your local contest or giveaway by encouraging entrants to share it with their network.

4. Use a localised landing page

Create landing pages for local markets or branches to generate local leads.


Consider a huge London law firm. You may have an office in Newcastle, Oxford, and Swansea.


Your prospective clients—prospective leads—will engage with their local branch.

Two points

  • SEO locally. You wish to rank for “Oxford personal injury lawyer”, “Newcastle” and “Swansea.”
  • Build a lead generation campaign that targets certain places (you can use Facebook ads) and delivers them to a landing page tailored to their area and your partners or lawyers there.
*Top tip

If a business used sponsored local Google advertisements, they’d convert searchers better by directing them to their nearest branch than to the site. Google’s geo-targeted advertisements let businesses pinpoint searchers.

5. Promote offline (are you surprised to see us say that?)

Digital marketers sometimes forget to look outside. “Shaking hands with people” is often overlooked in favour of another A/B test.


Conferences and trade exhibitions can help your firm generate leads and create contacts.


It’s tough though so keep reading.

Offline lead generation tips

  • Choose tradeshows and conferences carefully. You want to make a profit from attending and networking. Choose one or two to test, then expand if the work pays off. Look at a list of trade shows by industry.
  • Identify success KPIs. You only generate leads, right? Looking for wholesalers, workers, product feedback, etc?
  • Size doesn’t matter. Like the local contest, it’s better to go with a highly-targeted (smaller) expo or conference than the bigger ones—especially for local businesses. Go where your customers are.
  • Merchandise. This page discusses local lead generation. Unless you obtain cards or get leads from customers/sellers, you may be wasting time and money. Give items or discounts in exchange for contact details.
  • Repeat. Online leads are easier to contact than manual leads. Create an automated email series to persuade new leads to achieve your business goal before the trade show. “It was lovely seeing you at [trade show].” Thanks!”
*Top tip

Online leads are easier to contact than manual leads. So, create an automated email series to send out after the trade show. “It was lovely seeing you at [trade show]. Thanks!”


If you think that lead generation digital marketing just applies to tech enterprises then you’d be wrong. These methods can help your local business as much as any global company.

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