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Adding keywords and phrases to content to improve your SEO.

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Want to get traffic from search engines and keep readers interested and coming back for more? Then you need to keep your website up to date with fresh and fascinating content. A question we get asked often is ‘can SEO keywords be phrases?‘ And the answer is yes as there are many techniques to disguise the keywords in the content if you’re writing for search engines rather than human readers without making them appear forced or unduly spammy. 


You should take a variety of actions. Such as publishing frequent blog posts and articles and enabling comments. This would make your website seem more popular to search engine crawlers such as Google. The key principle to keep in mind is that “content is king”. So the more of it you have and the more SEO keywords you have in phrases, the higher your site will rank and the better your lead generation will be.

Why does adding content work so well?

It works so well in general because search engines consider your website to be an authoritative source for the products or services you provide when they index and rank the information on it. This is not something that can be done overnight. So don’t attempt to slam tens of thousands of new articles and blog posts down the search engine’s throats. Especially at once or in a short period as this may harm your rank rather than help it. Avoid stuffing too many articles/blog posts into a week/month if you don’t want to mislead search engines. Your website will benefit more from dispersing your material in little doses such as once a week or even daily.

What does it take on your part?

You don’t need to put in a lot of work if you want to raise your website’s search engine rankings. You can produce fresh content but on the other hand, doing this takes a lot of time and effort. Instead, add a few scattered keywords and phrases to the previous material you’ve already published. This works great for modification because it should already be indexed. The major benefits of using this strategy are speed and effectiveness. So, the short answer is yes, if you’re asking can SEO keywords be phrases


Another little trick is to ask customers to write a quick testimonial that you can put on your website. Or ask them to leave a review on the page devoted to your products to get their opinion. Having a pleased customer provide a nice review doubles up as a way to attract new customers.

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