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How do I get images for web design?

How do I get images for web design?

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Think of a webpage that only has words. There are no images, videos, or other visuals. It sounds quite uninteresting. Finding the ideal images for your website is crucial for this reason. This quick blog post is going to answer the burning question of ‘how do I get images for web design‘? We will cover the differences between professional, DIY and stock photos to assist you in getting started.

Professional photos, DIY or Stock photos?

There are three methods you can obtain images for your website. each having unique benefits and drawbacks.



A photographer has the skills and tools necessary to get the greatest pictures for you. There is a professional who can assist you whether you require portraiture, event photography, or product photography.


The most expensive choice is to hire a pro. You can have diverse opinions on the appearance of your photographs. This can result in a costly back and forth, and maybe even require a different photographer.

DIY (Do it yourself)


Anyone may now use their smartphone to take high-quality images. You may acquire the images you want more quickly, you’ll save money, and you won’t be dependent on a third-party service provider. Our web designers in Swansea like to use DIY photos if they are from a high-quality camera because we mainly work with local small-medium sized businesses and we think they add a great element of personality and social proof to any website.


Even if technology has made photography more accessible than ever, there are still some fundamentals you should be aware of. like how to frame your shot and how to get the proper focus. And for truly unique photographs, a professional with the correct tools is simply unbeatable.



There are many online databases with free-to-use royalty-free photos that are available for your website. For practically every need, getting high-quality photos is simple.


You, your place of business, or your products cannot be captured in stock images. Consequently, even if they can be a wonderful compliment to your images, they can never fully replace them.

Keep in mind that “royalty-free” does not always equate to license-free. If you give the photographer credit and/or mention where the photo was found, you might be able to use a stock photo for free. You can also be permitted to use the image but not alter it. Before using a picture on your website, always read the Terms of Use. Never merely copy images from Google.


So if you have been wondering ‘how do I get images for web design’ then these are the 3 main ways and each work well for different businesses. If you are still unsure then we’ll gladly point you in the right if you want to give us a call.

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