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How to design a simple website and why it’s best.

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We have built a lot of websites for a lot of different businesses. One thing that we tend to keep fairly consistent in all our projects is that we keep it simple. This might be because of our lead generation background where the lead gen site’s main goal is to get people to call or message. We feel this is an important goal for customer websites too. Hopefully, this blog post will give you an idea of how to design a simple website and why it’s best.

1. Websites with simple designs convert more visitors

Numerous studies have shown that websites with simple designs convert more frequently than those with complex layouts and excessive decoration.


Even after greatly streamlining their websites, many eCommerce company owners report significant improvements in sales.


It can be tempting to use all the bells and whistles to try and boost sales, but going overboard can have the opposite effect.


When someone appears to be trying to sell them something, people dislike it.


Flashy page designs tend to discourage conversions.


Meanwhile, users can quickly make purchases on websites with minimalist design components…


…or locate critical information without sensing that they are being forced to do so.


This does not mean that there shouldn’t be any pictures, videos, or vibrant colours on your website.


Instead, our web design company employs these features selectively and in ways that draw attention to key CTAs, such as:


Add-to-cart buttons, subscription boxes for newsletters, lead forms, or “contact us” tabs.


Consider optimising your website by removing any extraneous information that can divert readers from the key conversion points if you want to increase your sales.


Learn how to use white space properly to create a website that is both professional and user-friendly.


Simple website design concentrates users’ attention on the conversion points of your site without giving them much chance to leave and boosts sales.

2. Simple web design is always in style

The pace of time is incredibly fast in the realm of website design.


Web design fads come and go, rendering new trends rapidly out of date.


Simple website design is one of the few styles that has largely stayed relevant since the invention of the Internet.


By using a simple design, your website won’t need to be updated as frequently because it won’t quickly date.


Because they choose a classic, simple design theme for their websites, some business owners can spend years without making adjustments.


However, some business owners need to alter their websites frequently to stay on top of the latest design trends.

3. Avoid diverting people around your website

If someone visited your website, they probably had a purpose for doing so.


But it’s unlikely that it was because they admired your incredible graphic design abilities.


They are very clear about what they are looking for on your website, and you are the website owner.


Making it as simple as you can for visitors to find what they are looking for without having to browse endlessly should be your aim.

Navigation bar

The menu or navigation bar is one of the most important components of the website precisely because of this.


The main menu bar is still frequently crammed with all of a brand’s pages, though.


And rather than making it easier for consumers to find the website they’re looking for, this may instead overwhelm them.


The main navigation bar should have no more than six tabs, each with a limited number of options.


A more simple, direct, and streamlined user experience is produced by eliminating pointless distractions from your website.

Pop ups

Simplifying your website is the simplest method to enhance user experience.


Don’t force website visitors to ponder too much.


According to the paradox of choice, people are less likely to make any decisions at all the more options you provide them.


If you overwhelm visitors to your website with numerous clickable links, eye-catching images, movies, gifs, and other content.


They start to click considerably less frequently than you would like.


Check out your webpage. What elements of your website design can you get rid of? If you are unsure, then feel free to contact our web designers in Swansea and we can talk you through it.


Some aspects may be less significant and more distracting than you realise.


An ideal illustration of this is a pop-up asking visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This might seem like a wise decision.


But what if your pop-up interrupted them just as they were about to make a purchase?


Now, they can grow annoyed and be less inclined to sign up for your newsletter in addition to possibly not making a purchase…


… then if the form had been located where they anticipated it to be, at the bottom of the page.


Nobody will read the entire content of your website.


It’s preferable to remove any less-important information that a reader may otherwise read and place the most crucial information front and centre.


Eliminating any other content and streamlining your website is the best approach to guarantee that visitors will read the material you want them to.


On your website, offering too many distinct things for visitors to view and engage with can lead to a significant lot of confusion.


When visiting your website, users might not know where to look or even where to begin.


You can employ effective use of white space and simple navigation elements to lead people’s gaze along your website with a simple website design.

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