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Where do you put your phone number on a website?


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How frequently have you searched through a corporate website looking for contact information? More often than you might imagine which is why we have written this blog post on ‘where do you put your phone number on a website’.

Don’t hide your company’s phone number unless you have a valid cause to do so. Your website’s conversion rate will suffer if you don’t include your phone number.

A website is your visitor’s digital business card, according to a recent article we read. The design of your website is important for bringing in and keeping customers, and because you hardly ever give out business cards without a phone number, why do it on your website?

Boost online conversion

A phone number that is prominently displayed on your website makes it much simpler for visitors and potential customers to reach you. More sales possibilities and ultimately higher revenue may result from this.

According to a Kissmetrics study, there is proof that providing a phone number can improve call conversion rates. In this experiment, a website contrasted the number of calls it received when it displayed its company phone number on its homepage when it did not. Although the website acknowledged that the phone number was not prominently displayed or visible, it still exhibited a 0.5% increase in online conversions after six weeks. A 0.5% gain is quite significant considering that the industry average conversion rates for business-to-business websites are typically reported at 2–4%.

Not everyone wants to fill out an online form, and some people may not frequently check their email. A phone number will help you reach a larger audience and make it much simpler for people to contact your company. It also gives a personal touch that is frequently lacking in impersonal internet interactions.

Your phone number might help your brand come out as more reliable. Making it clear that you can be reached indicates that your firm values unique and individualised interaction.


The next crucial choice is where to place your phone number. Don’t just leave it on the “Contact Us” page. One choice is to put it in your website’s footer. Here, the number will show up as a natural conversion path that a visitor to your website is likely to take as they browse. If a client is seeking it, it is present, accessible, and simple to discover on every page.

The second choice, which our web design Swansea crew recommend, is to place the number in your website’s header or at least in the top third. It makes it straightforward for anyone to contact you and is immediately visible. The simpler this process is, the more likely it is that conversion rates will rise. A phone number at the top of your website shows that your company is straightforward and honest. Most importantly, it demonstrates your willingness to communicate.

As a phone answering service, we want to promote the fact that we are excellent communicators and simple to reach, thus our phone number is prominently displayed at the top of every page on our website.


The number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet has now surpassed that of desktop users, thus even your small business website development must be mobile-friendly. Additionally, Google has begun to penalise your website if it is not mobile-friendly. It’s a smart idea to make your company’s phone number clickable for mobile consumers when you advertise it. It makes calling your company even simpler, which could increase the number of conversions you get.

You can also utilise tracking to find out which of your calls came from the phone number that was listed on your website. Even better, you may configure tracking to determine precisely which page the caller was on when they dialled. With tracking, you can keep an eye on your development and the performance of particular figures, giving you total control.


The drawback of posting your phone number on your website is that you can get more unwanted or bothersome calls. When you could be doing something else with your time, this can disrupt your workday and keep you on the phone. Cold call screening and filtering options exist, such as answering services.


It’s also crucial to think carefully about the kind of phone number you’re promoting. A mobile number, for instance, could not present the best impression of your company. Use a geographic number e.g. 01792 if you are in Swansea to emphasise that you are marketing to a local audience, or use a 03 national number to reach a wider audience. Without the expenses that locating your company in London will entail, you might use a 020 number to project a major city image.

Of course, picking up the phone is the most important aspect of having a phone number on your website. Making it as simple as possible for clients to reach you is the goal, so be available to help.

In general, businesses should post their phone number on their website because it can boost conversions and income. Additionally, it increases the visibility and accessibility of your brand, which will increase client happiness and loyalty.

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