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Does your small business need website development?

DOES YOUR small business NEED website development?

Photo of a little shop that could still reap the rewards from small business website development

Sometimes a new or independent company would not want to contact a web design agency for their small business website development. This can be for several reasons, the main one being they feel they can’t because of their size. We’re here to tell you that’s irrelevant as nowadays, you can create websites for pretty much anything, from fan pages for pet hamsters to crowdfunding campaigns. But for whatever reason, it’s proved difficult for between 30 and 40 per cent of small enterprises to go online. How come?

Many business owners claim in polls that they lack the knowledge, resources, or time necessary to create a website. However, a surprising amount of people claim that they don’t need a website since they already utilise social media or because it’s not necessary.

However, that notion is gradually evolving and we’ve compiled a list of particular justifications for why your small business needs a website. Read on if you’re a small business owner who is still debating.

8 Reasons for small business website development

1. Customers now expect that companies will have a website even if it's a small business

Customers want to be able to learn more about you via your company website than before. Even when purchasing from a local store, the majority of shoppers conduct online research before doing so. If your company doesn’t have a website, it gives the idea that it is out of date, that it isn’t open anymore, or that it isn’t interested in attracting new clients. None of those are messages you want to convey!

2. Your can control information and branding

Although user reviews and comments on other websites are fantastic, you ought to have the final say in how the public perceives your business. Having a website for your business gives you an immediate online presence that is official, removing the need for you to rely on others to represent you. Additionally, our web design Swansea team can customise its appearance by adding your logo and company branding.

3. A website gives you a more credible and trustworthy appearance

Customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable when conducting online research. 75% of people will evaluate your reliability solely on the appearance of your website. Because of this, having a contemporary, up-to-date website with a unique domain and other trustworthy indicators is crucial. In an uncertain time, having a website demonstrates that you are open for business.

4. Online sales are possible with good website development

Even before COVID-19 kept everyone at home, online sales were on the upswing. And it is anticipated that these patterns would persist once firms resume serving clients. Therefore, you can still use an online store to enhance your offline business even if you don’t consider yourself to be an “eCommerce” business.

It can boost your income when you’re not open physically and draw in new clients who can now find your services and goods on Google and other search engines.

5. Website development is more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising

Without a website, a lot of small businesses still rely on Yellow Pages ads or other forms of traditional promotion to spread their brand awareness. But if you’re attempting to decrease business expenses, is buying an advertisement in a directory that’s getting smaller and more expensive the greatest use of your money? Websites are significantly less expensive than they ever were and have a greater audience than traditional advertising.

6. Updating a website is simpler

If you attempted to launch a website in the past, you might remember the process poorly. It presumably took a developer weeks to build, after which you were unable to make any adjustments. Your information was out of current because simple tasks like updating business hours could take a very long time. This is not the case anymore with our web design company as we can make small or big changes quickly as we build all of our sites on WordPress.

7. You can discover new local clients for your small business

A website is not only useful for locating customers throughout the world; it is also an important tool for drawing in local clients. People looking for things nearby conduct a lot of Google searches. This is particularly true for people who use mobile phones and can be searching for a shop, restaurant, or other business while they’re out and about. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing out on the chance to attract people while they’re in your area.

8. Small business website development is better than social media

Perhaps you already have a Facebook profile and some favourable online reviews. Many business owners believe that having a social media profile for their company is sufficient.

However, there are certain issues with this tactic. The first is that you will always be reliant on the social media site you select. When it comes to algorithms and regulations, what works today might not work in a few weeks (as many businesses that depended on Facebook have recently learned).

If you own a website, you are in charge of its content and message because it is your property.

Trends also alter. If your target audience is using Instagram right now, they might switch to another platform tomorrow. Your website serves as an anchor while users move from one tool to another. Customers may always find your website in the same location, accessible to everyone, regardless of which social media platform they prefer.


In summary, we believe that every small business requires website development. If it is something you are thinking about getting and would like to speak to one of our designers then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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