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Are SEO services worth it?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has long-term advantages over paid advertising. This is one of the main reasons why most website owners prefer to concentrate on SEO. However, marketing is sometimes the first area to suffer cuts when businesses need to reduce their spending. Many start to wonder are SEO services worth it.


We’ll examine organic SEO in-depth in this blog post and discuss why SEO is important in Swansea for small businesses to carry out.

A search engine marketing overview

81% of people find websites through search engines.


It is very evident from the data that you must be present on search engines in some capacity. That presence can either be “bought” through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or “won” through SEO.


The process of making a website more search engine friendly is known as SEO. It involves a variety of activities, from link building to keyword optimisation, and its successful implementation takes some time. Because Google uses intricate algorithms to rank websites, SEO best practices can and frequently do change. As a result, when an algorithm update is made public, the search engine ranking of a website may change. White hat SEO optimisation, on the other hand, allows users to rank their websites higher without having to pay Google anything.


PPC refers to the process of purchasing adverts and sponsored links that will appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It has different definitions depending on where the advertisements are bought, however, when you buy PPC ads on a search engine like Google, you can place bids on the keywords that show up in the Google search results. Your chances of having a keyword show up on the top page increase with the amount you bid for it. Businesses may quickly reach a broad segment of the audience with their message thanks to PPC. However, running it over an extended period might become rather expensive.


While neither SEO nor PPC can assure you a spot on Google’s front page, when used properly, both can assist in putting you in front of your target market.


The time it takes to see results, the cost, and the effort required to carry out SEO and PPC are all different. Which is preferable for you will depend on your existing situation, your financial situation, and the kind of business you run.

The price and time difference between SEO services and PPC

The primary advantage of PPC is how quickly you can advertise on search engines using a variety of keywords.


Running a PPC campaign allows you to quickly rank for numerous relevant keywords on the first page of the SERPs. The cost of each of these keywords will differ, though. As a result, you can find that you are paying pennies for one campaign’s clicks while paying pounds for another. This strategy is not for the faint of heart when it comes to finances.


You’ll notice that there is a significant difference when you contrast this with organic SEO. Organic search is almost always the preferable long-term alternative. The reason is because of how much more productive it can be and how much less expensive it is to use in a marketing strategy. This is why you should choose organic search over PPC next time you’re questioning ‘are SEO services worth it?’

Organic results are valued more

According to research, organic results have an 8.5x higher chance of being clicked than PPC results.


This is probably because users of search engines are progressively coming to understand the distinction between organic and paid results. Then realising that organic results are typically more beneficial to them. The reason organic results are more likely to be clicked on may also be related to the placement of the adverts. As a result, they are more likely to click on the organic results at the top of the page.


But when it comes to conversion rates, PPC does appear to do a little bit better. Paid search results are 1.5 times more likely than organic search results to result in clickthroughs. However, this is most likely a result of the marketer aggressively optimising the landing page and the language.


However, when comparing the two sets of data, it is evident that a greater proportion of clicks continue to come from organic search results. So, if you were merely attempting to choose between organic and PPC, organic would be the sensible option.


We understand that since our SEO services in Swansea might take some time to provide results. During this time, we find it preferable to use PPC whilst your site is ranking.

When does PPC make more sense?

Even though the organic search is the best option for the majority of small businesses that are wondering are SEO services worth it. There are occasions when PPC advertising is cost-effective.


A PPC campaign can assist you in many ways. One is if you have recently opened a new business and want to build brand awareness. Or, if you’ve just introduced a new product or a distinctive service then PPC can once more assist in quickly raising awareness.


PPC can run on specific days of the week because it can be turned on and off. For instance, you can make sure that your ads are always shown on a Tuesday if you own a restaurant and give discounts on that day.


You may also change the campaign budget at any time. So if your company is performing well, you can raise it to bring in more clients. If cash flow is a problem, you might also cut your budget.


PPC is also preferable for businesses that sell goods rather than services. An SEO campaign will be the superior long-term choice if you own a business, such as a web design company or a content management agency. A PPC approach will be more sensible if your business sells new devices or satellite TV bundles.


Finally, if an algorithm update has negatively impacted your website, you might want to think about starting a PPC campaign while you are still recovering.

So, are SEO services worth it in Swansea?

Even though it takes more time to manage an efficient SEO plan, organic search is still worthwhile. It costs a lot less money to invest in, gets more click-throughs than PPC, and is more dependable than PPC advertisements. Although you won’t reach the top of the rankings right away, your company will gain a lot over time.


The majority of businesses will profit from mixing PPC advertising with organic search, so keep that in mind. Both have their advantages and will enable you to have a stronger online presence.

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