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What is a web design company?

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What is a web design company you ask? It is basically a business that is formed mainly by web designers. To understand what a web design company is, we first think you should understand what a web designer is. So this post we are going to go over what that is exactly, their skills and what they do. This is the starting point for most web design companies. They usually start small as freelancer businesses and then they grow as they take on more projects.

What does a web designer do?

As a web designer, you are in charge of both the big-picture choices like the menus that are displayed on the website and the little ones like the font, colour, and pictures that should be used.


The organisation and style of a website are created by a web designer. A website designer, in plain English, improves the aesthetics of a website. To make graphic elements, they employ design software. The user interface, or UI, knowledge is a common speciality among website designers. This allows them to intentionally create a site that is simple to use and understand for users.


The way a website looks has a direct bearing on how a user feels about both the website and the business. According to research, internet users make snap judgments on a page in less than a second! And these snap judgments frequently reflect the brand as well. According to a research report from the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 75% of consumers acknowledge that they evaluate the credibility of a brand based on its website.


Because of this, businesses are giving website design greater consideration, which is evident in the employment landscape. Employment in this sector is expanding by 23% more quickly than the national average. There is not only growth in the industry, but also decent pay for people interested in this position.


Has aroused your curiosity? Then let’s learn more about this line of work and discover the requirements for being a prosperous web designer.

Difference between a website designer and a developer

Website developers and designers frequently get mixed up. To build the framework of a website, a developer uses coding languages. After the building is complete, a designer is brought in to enhance the area.

What tasks does a website designer perform every day?

To help you decide if being a website designer is a good fit for your interests. First, let’s discuss the skills and education required. Then, we’ll go over a list of a website designer’s typical daily responsibilities. A web designer typically does the following:


  • Create and arrange webpages
  • For the optimal user experience, consider a site’s navigation
  • Make prototypes and design sample pages
  • Use Adobe software to produce images, graphics, or animations
  • Purchasing domain names for your websites
  • Arrange your files
  • Update or “refresh” a website together
  • Plan a site’s creation in conjunction with writers and designers

What sort of abilities ought you to hone to become a website designer?

There are a few abilities you may gain to begin down the career path of website design if you’re interested in doing so. Here are a few examples of professional and technical talents you can develop:

Professional talents


To create a successful site, a designer must be able to communicate their ideas, chat with a company about what they want, and inquire about the target audience.


Companies also seek a responsive designers in addition to those who can communicate. An informed designer who is responsive communicates deadlines, clarifies problems as they occur, and keeps a company informed.

Project management

It’s up to you as a web designer whether you choose to work for one firm or several different businesses simultaneously as a freelancer. To keep several projects moving, you’ll need to be able to manage your time and each project well in either case.


A web designer frequently collaborates with other individuals to develop a website. New web design in Swansea may involve the participation of a copywriter, a graphic designer, or even staff from an IT division. If so, you must possess the capacity to communicate effectively, work together, and take criticism in stride.

Technical talents

The use of images

A thorough understanding of design principles is essential because the main responsibility of a website designer is to produce the site’s aesthetic components. Best design practices are incorporated into the visual design in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on elements like dimensions, symmetry, typography, and colour schemes.

UX design

User experience design, or UX design, affects a person’s feelings when they visit a website. The goal of a designer is to provide a layout that is both easy to navigate and aesthetically beautiful, as this leads to satisfied customers.


A designer will frequently conduct audience research and examine user behaviour on the website to create the best experience possible for the audience and cater to the target market of the brand.

Knowledge of coding

It does help to know a little HTML or CSS to make minor adjustments to a site, but a designer doesn’t develop the code that makes a site work. You can tweak templates, improve fonts, and change item placements more easily if you have a rudimentary understanding of how things work.

From web designer to web design company conclusion

We hope this blog post helped you understand “what is a web design company“. Simply said, a web design company is a business made up of web designers who build a site or improve how it looks. The major duties of this type of company are to conceptualise, design, construct, and manage websites and apps. Website designers often have UI, or user interface, experience, which enables them to carefully build a site that is user-friendly and simple to browse. If you are thinking of building a career as a website designer, whether it is as a freelancer or a company then in both cases, you’ll need to build a professional portfolio to help you get more work. Read below for some tips on building your portfolio.


Freelancer/Web design company portfolio

Building a strong online portfolio is a necessary step in being hired as a website designer if you have the relevant skills polished and educational background. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the finest possible examples:


The emphasis should be on quality over quantity while creating a portfolio (see ours here), so make wise choices. More sites that don’t show off your greatest work are better than fewer, higher-quality sites.


Your desired line of work should be highlighted: Would you prefer to serve a certain industry in particular? Do you prefer building multi-page websites for small businesses or concentrating on constructing online stores? The type of work you want to produce should be represented in your portfolio, along with examples of the kinds of things you enjoy making.


Describe your impact and projects in detail: Your portfolio not only serves as a visual representation of your best work but also a chance to describe them in detail. Consider including a summary of the site’s goals, difficulties, and significance in three to four sentences.


It’s a good idea to schedule time once every three months to update your portfolio, which you should do periodically. Even if you are not submitting fresh work, your ongoing learnings and objectives may require you to make revisions or give extra information. When you are thinking about something right away rather than months or years later, updating is much simpler.

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