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Which web design software is the best?

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Here’s a little nugget of knowledge for you if you are thinking about which web design software is best. More than one-third of all websites on the internet, including blogs, e-commerce sites, and corporate websites, are powered by WordPress. And surveys of website builders frequently give it excellent marks. We always develop websites with WordPress at Lead Fox, where we’ve been doing so for years.

How does WordPress work and what is it?

A content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, is simply software that enables you to create, publish, and modify information online, i.e. a Swansea website.


For a website to function, its three basic components – all of which must cooperate – are:


  • The site’s central computing platform is known as the CMS core. similar to an automobile engine almost.
  • The theme design determines how your website will seem and feel, including the colour palette, fonts, and page layout. Both pre-built templates and custom themes are available.
  • Plugins – Additional software that you add to your website to carry out the tasks you require, like galleries, analytics, SEO, and other features.

How popular is WordPress?

The popularity of WordPress has greatly increased since its debut in 2003. 60 million users now use WordPress to power their websites, ranging from small independent blogs to large household names.

Why is WordPress so popular?

Compared to other CMS platforms, WordPress has the following advantages:

Websites on WordPress can be easily expanded and updated

WordPress is tremendously customisable, incredibly user-friendly, and very accessible from the perspective of website owners. When your website is ready, all you need to do is log in to add pages and menus and change the content. You can change your site quickly and efficiently, whether you’re uploading your most recent blog, changing your text, or adding new pages. Any modifications you make on the back end will be instantly visible on the front end. Additionally, you can have many users with different roles who can edit your website at any time, from any location, even a mobile device.

WordPress is already friendly to SEO

WordPress websites have good SEO. Websites created using WordPress have straightforward navigation and concise coding right out of the box, making them easy to crawl. It’s simpler for Swansea SEO experts to use sophisticated optimisation tactics on a WordPress website. Other straightforward DIY website builders can be challenging to crawl and extremely challenging for SEO professionals to work with.

It's open source

Being an open-source platform, WordPress has a sizeable online community of specialists that share their tips and resources. This cooperative attitude and accessibility of information spur innovation in everything from instructions to tutorials, putting WordPress at the forefront of web design and the online industry.


WordPress updates frequently to address security flaws as well. Google blacklists 20,000 websites every week for spreading malware. Hundreds of developers continually analyse the WordPress platform to make sure their security measures remain one step ahead of hacker techniques.


With regular website maintenance, your WordPress site may stay current with the best web design, functionality, and security practices, ensuring that it is always accessible and usable.

Thousands of ready-to-use plugins are available on WordPress

There are over 54,000 ready-made plugins for WordPress, and they may be quickly added to your website in just a few clicks to perform a wide range of tasks, from SEO to reviews. Additionally, since these plugins are ready to use (and did we mention that most of them are free!), you can avoid the expense of developing bespoke functionalities and they can be quickly and easily deployed, updated, and/or corrected.


As WordPress is an open-source platform, web designers are constantly working on building fresh and helpful plugins, which is how most cutting-edge websites are created. However, it’s crucial to only add trustworthy plugins that work with the rest of your website, so it always pays to consult your web designer or check how many downloads and reviews each plugin has before adding anything new.

You have more freedom with WordPress

Because WordPress is so well-liked, it’s simpler to get a web developer who can assist. WordPress is a platform that almost all developers are familiar with, and websites created on it are simple to transfer to another web agency if necessary. You can be obligated to the developer for future revisions if a highly customised site was created on a less capable platform. In the worst-case scenario, you could even need to start from scratch and design a new website.


At Lead Fox, we never limit our client’s options and don’t think it’s right to bind them. Our experience shows that this genuinely fosters trust, leading to our client’s long-term decision to engage with us.


WordPress gives you more options for web hosts in addition to giving you more flexibility as a web developer. You must select a web hosting company that offers a safe, quick, and local hosting service when searching for web hosting. The majority of companies will host WordPress sites, giving you the freedom to compare options and find the best option for your company.

What other systems are there than WordPress?

Although WordPress is the most popular platform, there are alternatives based on your needs:


Other inexpensive drag-and-drop website builders are available, but beware – they may end up costing you more than you anticipate in the long term. Many lack the features necessary to offer the optimal user experience, and most of them were not developed effectively. As a result, they are challenging for search engines like Google to understand and perform poorly in search results. Therefore, any money saved on startup expenditures could result in lost business opportunities. These include platforms like Godaddy, Wix, Websitebuilder, Weebly, etc.

Are there disadvantages to using WordPress?

You must have skills

You must have some prior experience working with the platform as well as with HTML and CSS coding to fully utilise WordPress’ capability. Therefore, even if WordPress needs the assistance of a qualified web designer, the result will be a quicker, better-ranked, and more user-friendly site.

Hosting needs to be purchased

If you don’t stay up to date with design and security changes. Your WordPress site can be hacked, just like any other type of website. You need a secure hosting provider to keep your website safe.

Regular maintenance has to be done

As previously said, regular updates are required to keep your WordPress site safe and operating efficiently. However, upgrades can drastically alter how your site looks and can lead to conflicts between the core, theme, and plugins. Therefore it’s best to have a web design specialist handle these updates.

Fixing your web design problem

So, in answer to your query about which web design software is the best? We have been creating websites for more years and we prefer to agree with the other 60 million WordPress users. The platform is always our first pick for our clients due to its unparalleled functionality and SEO advantages. We are fully aware of how to maximise its potential and optimise it for the best results. Additionally, our clientele consistently expresses satisfaction with our services. If you require e-commerce, we can also create a high-performing Woocommerce or Shopify site.


Get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’re ready to begin your web development journey.

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