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Why every tradesman needs new web design.

Photo of a tradesman who runs a carpentry business who could do with a new web design

Having a new web design is crucial since more users than ever are going to the internet for information.


A professionally designed and developed website, not simply a simple, uninteresting old webpage.


Every day, more than 1 billion web searches are made, making search engines the most popular tool used by clients looking for local services.


The bulk of individuals in this day and age use Google to find nearby companies. The days of utilising conventional strategies, such as printed advertisements in newspapers and the Yellow Pages, are rapidly coming to an end.


Having a website that is optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile visitors is essential in the wake of Google’s mobile update. Not just for your clients, but also your company.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional for your new web design

Increasing visibility

In addition to ensuring that your website is properly shown on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, responsive design increases your website’s exposure in Google when used for mobile searches.


Utilising local SEO strategies can improve your search engine rankings, and you can engage with your customers by soliciting reviews and feedback on social media and other online channels.

Daily access

A possible client is welcome to browse your trade services at any time, even late at night.


Our webdesign company in Swansea can not only make a good first impression on visitors but can also make browsing easier and more user-friendly.


They can take all the time they need to browse your website, choose the service they require, get your contact information, and then phone you during business hours.

Specify important information

We frequently discover that people looking for a local craftsman are looking for the business’s hours, services, contact details, and price. Your customers may locate what they need fast and easily with the aid of a well-designed website.


It’s simpler and faster to update your website with changes to price, location, and services than other forms of advertising.

Boost sales and leads

Strong call-to-action (CTA) elements will be used across a professionally designed website to help improve prospective leads and sales. If a person who comprehends your objectives and vision designs and develops your website, it may be your most effective marketing weapon.

Save time

It can take some time to provide information to potential clients in person or over the phone. However, if you have all of your information online then clients may check it up without having to ask. This can save you or your staff valuable time.

Save money

It can be expensive to advertise your company through conventional channels like print, radio, and television. There is no guarantee that your target market will view your advertisement, even after you have paid.


As an alternative… Go for a trade website that is always accessible to the public. Plus this often costs a lot less than most conventional forms of promotion.


There are many ways to promote your company and your services. And the best and most cost-effective approach is a high-quality and professional website.

Conclusion on new web design

Contact us right now at 01792 949020 if you’re interested in expanding your business online. Or if you’re ready to give your present website the makeover it needs. We’ll get back to you.

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