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Our webdesign company lists 9 reasons why it’s time for an update.

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So, you have been online for a while and are accessible to prospective clients and consumers. That’s great until you realise that your website was created in 2005 by a student. Thus, why consider rebuilding your website right away? And why use WordPress to do that? Our webdesign company will show you why!

Below our webdesign company lists 9 reasons why it's time for an update.

1. Your current website is not responsive to mobile devices

It was quite easy for website development in Swansea because you could appear well on any computer. This was before the creation of mobile devices. With the rapid shift brought about by the introduction of smartphones and tablets, visitors to your website are now more likely to be browsing on their phones than on their laptops.


To maintain a pleasant user experience, your website must be built such that it automatically resizes depending on the visitor’s device. If people have to drag and zoom to read your content or utilise the navigation menu on your website, your visitors are fickle and will quit right away.


If that isn’t enough to persuade you to revamp your website, maybe the fact that Google penalises websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will motivate you. This means you’ll have to work much more to rank well and stay visible.


You don’t need to worry about doing anything especially extra to make sure that your content appears fantastic on all devices since decent WordPress website themes are all mobile responsive. Sorted.

2. Your website no longer properly represents your brand

The brand and personality of an organisation change with time, so what you believed represented you well ten years ago doesn’t now.


The ideal way to approach your website’s design is to see it as your storefront right now. Before the internet, businesses depended on their storefront to provide customers with a glimpse (both figuratively and practically!) into their organisation. This is the ideal way to browse your website in the modern day. Do you want others to think of you as old-fashioned and stiff, or as cutting-edge, quick, and enjoyable?


There are hundreds of ways you can design your website, but first and foremost, the colours and visuals you choose should reflect both your brand and your business. By utilising WordPress to redesign your website, you can draw on the imagination of hundreds of developers who have created both free and premium themes that you may personalise to your taste. You’re in luck if tinkering isn’t your thing since it is ours! It would be worthwhile to look into the Swansea web design services we have to offer.

3. Your content and images are out of date

Our webdesign company finds it’s pretty typical for a business to rapidly build a website when it initially launches. Then neglect it for the next several years. Sounds recognisable?

Yet, what about all those stock images you used since you lacked the time to capture your own? Or the “My Team” section listing 4 workers that haven’t worked with you since the year 2010? What’s worse is the wrong phone number.

These are only a few bits of material that you probably need to update as soon as possible. Thankfully, when revamping your website using WordPress, this is straightforward to achieve. Just build a new layout and update your textual and visual material as you move it over.

4. You lack the features that users have become used to expecting

There are several themes that most people notice even if the breadth and style of each website varies. If your website lacks the functionality that your visitors have grown to anticipate, it will stand out like a sore thumb. Even worse, as we’ve already said, consumers are fickle, and if they can’t easily locate anything on your website, they’ll find a rival who can.


We’re mostly referring to features like contact forms, booking forms, and social media integration. Fortunately, most WordPress themes often include all of these features by default. Even better, there is nearly always a plugin for it if your theme does not offer the features you want. Do you need website accessibility options? No issue. What about parallax sliders or giant menus? Once again, we do not doubt that you will discover a plugin for that.

5. You're not using a blog

What have you been doing with your marketing efforts if you don’t have a blog? The easiest method to raise your search engine rankings and communicate with your clients and consumers on a new level is to blog often about subjects related to your speciality. We could discuss the importance of blogs for your digital marketing strategy for hours, but that would be much beyond the scope of this blog article. Spend a minute doing some independent research on this subject, it’s a cheap way to reach more people and will be the greatest thing you can do for your company right now.


WordPress is the ideal platform to use for your web design in Swansea if you want to start blogging since it was designed specifically for bloggers. Your website already has a blog, so starting one is straightforward and convenient. There is no justification left!

6. You need to clarify your call

After you get your content and design down, there is still more to think about. What is the purpose of having a website? While we believe that having a website is an important duty to embark on, many businesses and individuals neglect to consider the precise action they want a visitor to do after visiting their page.


Maybe you insist that customers call you or order your goods online. Maybe you want them to subscribe to your newsletter or find you personally. Whatever your call to action is, you need to make sure that it is simple for your clients to understand, that they are driven to follow it, and that it is straightforward for you to implement.


So, you want prospective consumers to call you? Then our webdesign company recommends that you make your contact information very visible. Furthermore, make it very simple for people to respond to your call to action. We guarantee that you will get superior outcomes.

7. Your current website is, basically broken

You’ve likely been annoyed by a broken page element on some of the more archaic websites you’ve visited in the past. Several times, menus have appeared beneath the text, making them utterly unusable. Contact forms without a submit button are also common. Pretty irritating.


Do these issues apply to your current website? Your website’s visitors are now leaving because they are likewise frustrated. This has cost you, prospective customers, thus it has to be resolved right now!

You’ll find it far less probable that an aspect of your website fails unexpectedly. This is because WordPress themes and core are updated often, enabling you to concentrate on operating your company.

8. You are unable to manage your material on your own

It might be difficult to update your material on a regular HTML website or one that wasn’t created using WordPress. To have to pay a freelancer or webdesign company each time you want to change one line of your contact information would be a shame!


The best thing about WordPress is how easy it is for you to update the fundamental components of your website on your own. WordPress is a content management system, so it makes it simple to publish new entries to your blog, update textual material, and upload and manage media like photographs and videos. Over all others, this is the reason we urge everyone to choose WordPress when redesigning their website.


We believe at this webdesign company that our customers must understand this! So we will always provide free training to anybody who wants to manage their own content going ahead. This is not for everyone, so we can take care of everything for you, but it’s something to think about if you’re trying to keep prices as low as possible.

9. You do not have an SSL certificate

It is predicted that this year will be the year when SSL certificates are required for all website owners. You’ll be able to recognise websites that have an SSL certificate by the green lock icon that displays next to the domain. An SSL certificate secures information that is entered into your site. The warnings that show on websites that don’t presently have them may also be known to you.


You should already have an SSL certificate if you operate an e-commerce website or any other page that requests sensitive data from users. Never omit this since it is crucial. These were the only situations up until recently when an SSL certificate was required, but this is about to change.


An SSL certificate should be included if you have a website that has to be updated. Even if you are not gathering critical information, this fosters customer confidence and will significantly raise your search engine results. As the main internet companies subtly persuade developers to use the SSL certificate, the warnings that browsers show when a visitor visits your website will become more dramatic and terrifying over time. You don’t want such advisories to frighten your guests off.


The good news is that many hosting companies supply SSL certificates FREE of charge.


Our webdesign company hopes that this post has prompted you to think that now could be a good time to consider rebuilding your current website. Even if you can just improve a few areas. It might be the difference between ranking on page 1 or 2 of Google and possibly attracting new clients.


WordPress’ ability to let DIYers experiment with website design without having to learn how to code is something we enjoy, but it can also be quite perplexing at times. You may wish to look at our web design services if you need assistance with this procedure or someone to do everything for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries at all regarding WordPress or website design in Swansea.

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