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11 Points you should consider when hiring a web design agency.

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The importance of having an online presence through a website cannot be overstated in today’s world. And, astonishingly, approximately 75% of small businesses in Britain do not have a website. A professional website, built by a competent web design agency, is a valuable tool that can help you reach millions of potential customers online. So you have taken the first steps and done a Google search for ‘web design agency Swansea‘ and a wealth of results have shown up. However, choosing an agency that meets your business needs can be overwhelming… 

11 points our web design agency Swansea team think you should consider when hiring a professional

1. The agency's web design process

Find out the company’s thought process for designing websites. Only consider a firm that uses an agile process, which involves collaboration and flexibility. Look into their SEO and digital marketing strategies to gauge their knowledge.

2. Your project requirements

Your project requirements should determine the scale of the web design service required and the type of experts needed for your project. Be flexible when setting requirements as your business needs may change as your company progresses.

3. Project budget

Collect quotes from different web design agencies and compare them to your budget. Avoid settling for cheap web design solutions as they may not look professional and may not be appealing to clients.

4. Location and personnel

Consider local web design agencies as there won’t be any cultural/language barriers between you and the company. Furthermore, local designers clearly understand the local standards or laws regarding websites.

5. Communication and support

Choose an agency that has excellent communication skills and provides support throughout the project. They should keep you updated on the project’s progress and address any concerns you may have promptly.

6. Website accessibility

The web design company should assure you that your site’s content will be readily accessible to you. If they use content management systems (CMS), they should tweak it to your needs. The CMS should feature a simple, intuitive dashboard you can use to update new content.

7. References and previous work samples

References and work samples can help you gauge the firm’s reputation. The more references and reviews a web designer has, the more credible they appear. Negative reviews should not be ignored even if the price is lower.

8. User experience

Work with an agency that values usability in their web creations. They should give you thoughtful responses on any feature added to the site to improve user experience. The web designer should optimise the site for visitors using mobile devices and desktops.

9. Expected completion time

The time it takes to complete the project depends on the size and details of the site. The web design agency should give you a realistic timeline.

10. Post-launch services

Choose an agency that provides post-launch services such as web hosting, maintenance, and support.

11. Legal ownership and copyright

Ensure that you own the copyright to your website’s content and code. Verify this in the contract you sign with the web design agency.


Take your time and consider these 11 points before hiring a web design agency. As it will help you find the right company that meets your business needs. Which in return will get you more value for your money.

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