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Pre-made templates Vs custom-built websites for best web design.

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A considerable time, effort and financial commitment go into building a website. Making wise decisions is essential when creating your online presence. And one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose a pre-made template or build a custom website. Having done both we think we are the best web design company to help you with your decision.

Our web design company compares pre-made templates to custom-built websites

Pre-made templates

Set up

First, let our Swansea web designers discuss pre-made templates. These templates are simple to set up and are accessible across many platforms. These are ideal if you lack a lot of coding, design, or web design knowledge. You can choose a theme you like and then to make it stand out you can add your own images and content.

Price and design

Pre-made templates’ primary benefit is that you can rapidly and affordably launch a website because the layout and frame are already set up. Nevertheless, utilising a pre-made template has several disadvantages. You will be constrained by what is presently available. Your website may resemble other websites that use the same template in the end. This means it can sometimes be difficult to stand out from your competitor if you use a pre-made template website.

Portraying your company

Moreover, pre-made templates could not capture the distinct branding of your company. You might have to accept a website that misrepresents your company or fails to appeal to your target market.

Custom-built websites

Set up

On the other hand, custom-built websites are made just for you, and you have total control over the design. Your brand’s identity, beliefs, and vision may be properly reflected on a custom-built website. To create a completely original site, you will collaborate with professional web designers.

Price and design

Naturally, bespoke websites cost more to develop than pre-made templates. You’ll need to find the best web design company that can understand what you’re looking for and execute your vision. While the procedure may take longer, the wait is worthwhile.

Portraying your company

A custom-built website also has the advantage of being adaptable and expandable. Your website may expand as your company does. As your demands evolve, you may add additional features and capabilities to your website. When you get user input from your audience, you may enhance your site’s user experience and search engine optimisation.

Possible third option

A third option which can sometimes be overlooked is a hybrid of the two options mentioned above. As there are literally thousands of different templates you could come across one that you really like and think could portray your business how you’d like it to online. Now, this is where you could work with a flexible company like the ones our Swansea web designers work for and they could customise parts of your chosen template to make it your own, this way it would speed up the process, keep the cost down and still get your image across.


Your business’s demands, objectives, and budget will determine whether you choose a pre-made template or a custom-built website. A pre-made template can be your best choice if you have a limited budget and need your website to go live immediately. Yet, if you’re ready to put the time and money into it, a custom-built website is the way to go if you want a website that accurately represents your brand and values.

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