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Trying to explain SEO to your grandparents.

A woman trying to explain SEO to her grandmother on a park bench

How do you explain SEO to someone who has no idea what it is? What does SEO mean? Before anyone accuses us of prejudice against seniors, the post’s title is merely a figure of speech. While some of our 30-something friends struggle to understand the notion of SEO, our Director’s 90-year-old grandma understands it completely. As a result, many individuals are confused about what SEO actually is. How can you tell them about it? Here, we’ll outline four easy methods you may use to clarify what it is to all of your friends as well as your grandparents.

1. Describe the impact of search engines

We always begin our anecdotes on the specifics of SEO by highlighting the significance or monopoly of search engines. The search engine of choice for the majority of people is Google. We draw attention to the frequency and uses of Google. Every website wants to have a good ranking in Google because so many people use the search engine. A website will see an increase in the number of readers and purchases as more people discover it. So it’s pretty easy to describe the significance of a search engine. Google is known to the majority of people, including grandparents, right?

2. Explain what SEO stands for

Search engine optimisation, or SEO. This essentially involves optimising a website for search engines like Google so that it will rank highly in that search engine. When we are clarifying this to our friends and family, we normally start with that. The strategies used by different SEO experts to optimise search engines changes over time. However, the goal of every plan is to rank highly on Google.

People will now grasp the significance of search engine optimisation if they are aware of the significance of search engines. They will now be pondering how they manage to rank well in Google. The challenging part is still ahead!

3. Describe Google and its goals

Explicitly describing Google’s goals to your grandparents is the third step in talking about search engine optimisation to them. You should learn more about Google and its goals to comprehend HOW you can move up the rankings.

So what does Google do?

Google has an enormous database. Therein is contained all of the world’s website content. Texts are read by Google. It determines the purpose of a certain website based on these texts. Therefore, a website’s content is particularly crucial. However, other components are also crucial. Google favours pages that load quickly and are heavily linked by other websites. The websites that appear in high places on Google and those that appear in lower locations are determined by a variety of variables. However, they are all ultimately driven by Google’s desire to provide the BEST result to the client. Therefore, the goal of SEO strategies should be to be the best and most authoritative result.

And the goal of Google is?

to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”


Google wants to provide the customer with a result that answers their query. Therefore, SEO strategies should be centred on designing a website so that the user can locate what they’re seeking quickly. Being the top search result is usually the best strategy.

4. Provide examples of SEO strategies

We normally finish covering SEO with a summary of all the different actions you’ll need to optimise. We always start with content. Writing amazing content that readers want to read and enjoy is essential for SEO. Above all else, your website should be quick and easy to use. A website should be simple to navigate, with clear click-through directions. To prevent website hacks, SEO also has to do with security. Hacked websites are not liked by Google. You can enhance your website using a variety of other on page SEO tactics.

If they are following along with you...

If you observe that someone is responding to your discussion with great enthusiasm, you might consider educating them on technical SEO. We typically skip that section. If you want to add a more entertaining element to your story, you may mention Google penalties and link buying. Although it’s interesting, you shouldn’t use it in your SEO strategy.


It can be challenging to explain SEO to someone who is essentially clueless about the subject. For various people, it means different things, and it changes over time. Opinions on what constitutes good SEO vary, even among experts!

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