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Business management software

When we first started doing web design in Swansea we realised how big of an impact it had on business by just having an online presence. So we continued to build more sites and offer SEO and lead generation. However, it soon became apparent that many small to medium-sized enterprises struggled with the management and operational aspects of their businesses. So in our quest to continually be better and offer a service like no other, we went away and built a business management software that can take care of almost everything.

The business management software features

This software integrates with your website so that every visitor, lead, and message you can monitor and act on. You get your very own login to a custom-built dashboard and mobile app where you can run the entirety of your business from one place. So let’s take a little look at some of the main features.

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AI Chatbots

This could possibly be one of the best things you have for your business. It’s an AI chatbot that learns about your company from reading through your website and any info you give it. Then it gets embedded on your website, Facebook, Instagram or Google My Business page. So for 24 hours and 7 days a week, you basically have another employee who can answer any questions that any visitors have. Its primary objective is to guide conversations towards actionable outcomes, such as scheduling appointments or requesting callbacks.

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Missed Call Text Back

How much is your average customer? How many calls do you miss per day, week or month? When you run these numbers so quickly learn how valuable every phone call is. So what our business management software does is if you miss a call then it automatically sends the caller a personalised text. This means they know you are aware of them and that you’ll call them back so you might not lose the lead. We achieve this by getting you a tracking number where everything gets recorded. With call recordings and tracking numbers, you can revisit conversations and retrieve any missed details.

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Social Media Scheduling

Very important but time-consuming. However, with our software, you can schedule all your social media posts for the week or even month by sitting down just once. Plan and schedule posts for the week or month in one sitting, ensuring consistent engagement across multiple platforms while freeing up your time to focus on core business activities.

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Reputation Management

How many times have you done a fantastic job for a customer, they are over the moon and you got on great. But then only to remember weeks later that you never asked them for a review. However, now the time has passed and you feel a little awkward in messaging them? Well with our business management software, you can automatically send out review requests after every job you finish. This will improve your SEO and help drive your GMB up the rankings too! But wait there’s more, we don’t just focus on new reviews, we’ll run a past customer review campaign to get things rolling.

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Message Consolidation Dashboard

We have already covered the importance of social media posting on multiple platforms. But this comes with receiving messages on multiple different platforms. This isn’t great because for busy business owners, logging into each one to check and reply to messages is so time-consuming. It’s very easy to miss messages too and we know how important each lead is. So save time, stay organised, and never miss a lead again. We also have a mobile app so you can view and reply to everything on the go.

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Leads & Sales Pipeline Reporting & Notifications

With our easy-to-use pipeline, you’ll never miss another lead again, whether it’s from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google Business Profile, Website Form, Google or FaceBook ads. So you can see how many leads came in from each platform. This helps with knowing where your focus should be. Then you can track how many turned into estimates and paying customers. Also, you can follow which stage they’re at in the project.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. So don’t you think you should manage, track and store information about them? That way if they ever contact you again you can pull up their details and make them feel like they’re not just another number. You can even send them birthday or Christmas wishes. This works particularly well if you have repeat customers, for example, gardeners, barbers and accountants but the list is endless. From sending birthday wishes to tracking preferences, our CRM ensures every customer feels valued.