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James Howell - The owner of Lead Fox and who handles the digital consulting in Swansea

My name is James and I handle the digital consulting in Swansea side of Lead Fox by helping businesses with their online marketing. I first heard the term search engine optimisation (SEO) in 2014. The concept of being able to rank a website high on Google intrigued me straight away, I was hooked. So I did what most people who want to learn something new do… Watched every video on youtube (completed it) and read every article and blog post I could find. Armed with what I thought was a reputable amount of knowledge, I started applying it to help out friends and local small business owners… It worked.

Since then I have branched into most aspects of online marketing (see topics below). I have worked with many existing business owners to improve their online presence and many newly formed businesses to get them started and have the best possible chance at succeeding through the ever-changing internet. I target local markets because that’s where I know I can make the biggest difference.

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Digital Consulting Topics I Can Help You With


Web Design

This is one of my favourite topics as it is the main area where you can be completely creative and build something worth talking about.



Not for the faint-hearted but I have produced amazing results for local seo in various different niches, time and persistence are key.


Lead Generation

This has been the core element of my business since it started. I specialise in local lead gen as this is where I have gained the greatest ROI.


GMB Optimisation

It’s one of the most clicked areas on the internet yet so many businesses fall short by not fully enhancing their Maps listing.


Reputation Management

Just a couple of unfair negative reviews can really damage a business but the good news is that positive ones can turn it back around… if you know how to do it correctly.


Logo Design

Your logo is often the face of your business and if it’s well designed then it can bring people to choose your product or service if it’s memorable.


Google Ads

When people search for something on Google they tend to have more buyer intent, with a well scripted Ad, you could be shown at the top for these searches.


Overall Online Presence

From a website audit to a review check, I will analyse every area you show up online to see where improvements can be made. This usually involves a collection of topics.